Monday, June 19, 2017


            MIKE SMITH, BENDABLE, WINNER: “She’s matured a whole lot. She was so much more mature today and more relaxed. She was aggressive leaving the gate but turned right off. She waited for me to call on her and when I did, man she really jumped into the bridle.

“She’s been training this way. Mr. Mandella had her ready. He’s done a tremendous job getting her back off the layoff. He’s just one of the greatest and done a really, really good job.

“I’ve come out to work her a couple of times and her works were just better and better and I knew from her last work that she’d run big today.”

KENT DESORMEAUX, CONIAH, SECOND:  “She slipped leaving the gate.  She broke so hard, the ground broke away.  She ran her eyeballs out.  She showed a new dimension today.”

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